Monday, 28 October 2019

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Hi, I'm Andy Stanton, and this is my blog. I'm doing this blog to share thoughts and tackle issues to do with the ukulele. Understandably you are asking the question, "What authority does this jerk hold to think that his thoughts on the ukulele merit serious consideration.". I modestly answer, "None at all, really!" I have been playing stringed instruments for almost fifty years, and I took up the ukulele about five years ago. I'm a moderately good musician, nothing special, but I've as much right to an opinion as anybody else. It's up to you whether you think that opinion has any validity.

For me the ukulele is a constant and dependable source of fun. It's a handy size so you can leave it littering the place without creating too much inconvenience for others. Not only is it an easy instrument to play, but it's also sufficiently versatile if you want to develop your technique and play it seriously. Another feature of the instrument is that it is inexpensive, although if you're daft enough to spend a lot of money on one you can. You also find, especially with the soprano ukulele, that you can pop it into a wood burning stove without having to snap it over your knee first.

The downside, and yes there is a down side, is the expectation that you need to treat the instrument frivolously, that you have to dress in loud shirts, wear funny hats and congregate with others similarly attired to play a range of jolly tunes altogether without any arrangements or any sense of artistic awareness.

That's a shame. The shame is that with a bit more thought and imagination, you can make the experience of playing ukuleles so much better.

So, here we go, this blog will cover a range of topics which I hope will prompt people to think what they want when they pick up a ukulele either as an individual or a member of a group.

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