Monday, 2 May 2016

Welcome To My Ukulele Blog

I've opened this blog just so I can have a place to air my views on playing just about the sweetest little instrument going, and to rant on various issues about the wanton abuse of the same.

My major criticism about the sort of stuff ukulele enthusiasts play is that a lot of it really isn't worth playing. There's a received notion that if something can be played on a ukulele then it MUST be played on a ukulele.

And it's a shame, because with a little more discretion (and a hell of a lot of practice) the ukulele can sound good. Here's a couple or three clips to demonstrate what I mean.

This is Jake Shimabukuro, for those who are skeptical about the ukulele's credentials as a serious musical instrument.

...and this is the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain doing what they do best.

..and one of Ian Emmerson getting a tune out of the smallest ukulele in the world.

Finally, I invite comments to articles, and an opportunity to share your views (published under a by line). Just use the links on the right of the screen.



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